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Alternative PALL filter HC8304FKT16H

Alternative PALL filter HC8304FKT16H
Product Detailed
we can produce PALL filter,such as: HC9600FKT16H,HC8304FKT16H,UE319AN13H,

Alternative PALL filter 

It used to filter paticles and colloidal material in working medium and can effectively control pollution. Our filter can take place of PALL filter.


1) Filtration precision: 1-100um

2) Max working pressure: 21 Mpa

3) Working medium: General hydraulic oil, phosphate hydraulic oil, emulsion, water-glycol and so on.

4) Working temp.: -30°C~+210°C

Model of PALL:

HC8304FKZ16H HC8304FKT16H HC8304FKS20H HC8304FKN39H HC8314FKP16H HC8314FKP39H HC8314FKP16Z HC8314FKP39Z HC8400FKZ8Z HC8400FKS16Z HC8400FDT26H HC8400FDT39H HC8900FKZ8H HC8900FKS13H HC8900FKN16H HC8900FKP26H HC8900FKZ39H HC9020FKZ4H HC9020FKS8H HC9021FKZ4H HC9021FKS8H HC9400FKZ13H HC9400FKS26H HC9400FKN39H HC9600FKP8H HC9600FKZ13H HC9600FKS16Z HC9600FDS4H HC9650FKZ8H HC9650FKS13H HC9650FKN16H HC9700FKZ9H HC9700FKS18H HC9700FKS27Z HC9701FKZ9H HC9701FKS18H HC9800FKZ4H HC9800FKP4H HC9800FKN4H HC9800FKS4H HC9800FKS8H HC9800FKT8H HC9800FKN13H HC9800FKS13H HC9800FDP16H HC9800FDN16H HC9804FKZ4H HC9804FKS8H HC0101FKP18H HC0101FKN18H HC0101FKS18H HC0101FKT18H HC0101FKP36H HC0101FKN36H HC0101FKS36H HC0101FKT36H HC2206FKP3H HC2206FKN3H HC2206FKP6H HC2206FKN6H HC2207FKP3H HC2207FKN3H HC2207FKP6H HC2207FKN6H HC2208FKP4H HC2208FKN4H HC2208FKP6H HC2208FKN6H HC2216FKP4H HC2216FKN4H HC2216FKP6H HC2216FKN6H HC2217FKP4H HC2217FKN4H HC2217FKP6H HC2217FKN6H HC2218FKP4H HC2218FKN4H HC2218FKP6H HC2218FKN6H HC2233FKP6H HC2233FKN6H HC2233FKP13H HC2233FKN13H HC2235FKP6H HC2235FKN6H HC2235FKP10H HC2235FKN10H HC2236FKP6H HC2236FKN6H HC2236FKP10H HC2236FKN10H HC2237FKN6H HC2237FK6H HC2237FKN13H HC2237FKP13H HC2238FKN6H HC2238FKP6H HC2238FKN10H HC2238FKP10H HC2252FKP10H HC2252FKN10H HC2252FKN19H HC2252FKP19H HC2253FKN8H HC2253FKP8H HC2253FKN16H HC2253FKP16H HC2254FKN8H HC2254FKP8H HC2254FKN16H HC2254FKP16H HC2256FKN6H HC2256FKP6H HC2256FKN10H HC2256FKP10H HC2257FKN6H HC2257FKP6H HC2257FKN10H HC2257FKP10H HC2285FKN12H HC2285FKP12H HC2285FKN15H HC2285FKP15H HC2295FKN18H HC2295FKP18H HC2295FKN136H HC2295FKP36H HC2618FKN18H HC2618FKP18H HC2618FKN36H HC6200FKN4H HC6200FKP4H HC6300FKN8H HC6300FKP8H HC6300FKN26H HC6300FKP26H HC6300FKN13H HC6300FKP13H HC6300FKN16H HC6300FKP16H HC6400FKN8H HC6400FKP8H HC6400FKN13H HC6400FKP13H HC6400FKN26H HC6400FKP26H HC6500FKN13H HC6500FKP13H HC6500FKN16H HC6500FKP16H HC6500FKN26H HC6500FKP26H HC7400SKS4H HC7400SKS8H HC7500SKS4H HC7500SKS8H HC8200FKN8H HC8200FKP8H HC8200FKN13H HC8200FKP13H HC8200FKN16H HC8200FKP16H HC8300FKN8H HC8300FKP8H HC8300FKN16H HC8300FKP26H HC8300FKN39H HC8300FKP39H HC8314FKP16H HC8314FKN39H HC8304FKN16H HC8304FKP16H HC8304FKN39H HC8304FKP39H HC8400FKN8H HC8400FKP8H HC8400FKN16H HC8400FKP16H HC8400FKN26H HC8400FKP26H HC8400FKN39H HC8400FKP39H HC8500FKN8H HC8500FKP8H HC8500FKN13H HC8500FKP13H HC8500FKN26H HC8500FKP26H HC8700FKN4H HC8700FKP4H HC8700FKN8H HC8700FKP8H HC8900FKN8H HC8900FKP8H HC8900FKN13H HC8900FKP13H HC8900FKN16H HC8900FKP16H HC8900FKN26H HC8900FKP26H HC8900FKN39H HC8900FKP39H HC8904FKN8H HC8904FKP8H HC8904FKN13H HC8904FKP13H HC8904FKN26H HC8904FKP26H HC8904FKN39H HC8904FKP39H HC9020FKN4H HC9020FKP4H HC9020FKN8H HC9020FKP8H HC9021FKN4H HC9021FKP4H HC9021FKN8H HC9021FKP8H HC9100FKN4H HC9100FKP4H HC9100FKN8H HC9100FKP8H HC9100FKN13H HC9100FKP13H HC9104FKN8H HC9104FKP8Z HC9104FKN13H HC9104FKP13Z HC9104FKN16H HC9104FKP16Z HC9400FKN13H HC9400FKP13H HC9400FKN26H HC9400FKP26H HC9400FKN39H HC9400FKP39H HC9404FKN13H HC9404FKP13H HC9404FKN26H HC9404FKP26H HC9404FKN39H HC9404FKP39H HC9600FKN4Z HC9600FKP4H HC9600FKN8Z HC9600FKP8H HC9600FKN13Z HC9600FKP13H HC9600FKN16Z HC9600FKP16H HC9601FKN4H HC9601FKP4H HC9601FKN8H HC9601FKP8H HC9601FKN13H HC9601FKP13H HC9601FKN16H HC9601FKP16H HC9604FKN8H HC9604FKP8H HC9604FKN13H HC9604FKP13H HC9604FKN16H HC9604FKP16H HC9606FKN4H HC9606FKP4H HC9606FKN8H HC9606FKP8H HC9606FKN13H HC9606FKP13H HC9650FKN8H HC9650FKP8H HC9650FKT8H HC9650FKP13H HC9650FKN16H HC9650FKP16H HC9651FKN8H HC9651FKP8H HC9700FKN9H HC9700FKP9H HC9700FKN18H HC9700FKP18H HC9700FKN27H HC9700FKP27H HC9701FKN9H HC9701FKP9H HC9800FKN4H HC9800FKP8H HC9800FKN13H HC9800FKP13H HC9801FKN8H HC9801FKP13H HC9901FKN13H HC9901FKP13H HC9901FKN26H HC9901FKP26H HC9901FKN39H HC9901FKP39H UE219AT4H UE219AT8H UE219AT13H UE219AT20H UE319AT8H UE319AT13H UE319AT20H UE319AT40H UE619AT20H UE619AT40H HC4704FKN8H HC4704FKP8H HC4704FKN13H HC4704FKN16H HC4754FKN8H HC4754FKN13H HC4754FKN16H HC4754FKN26H

 10 reason to choose us


Reason 1all our products size and design are customizing available.

Reason 2About twenty years filtration products manufacturing and 3 years exportation experience and have exported  to all over the world Reason 3Various kinds of filters and filtration equipment available, such as air filter, water filter, oil filter, carbon filter, acid filter, oil purifier, filter bag, bag filter, filter cartridge , filter equipments etc.

Reason 4Shanghai Baosteel (world top 500 enterprise) and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Philips color company etc. use our filters and filtration equipments.Reason 5we’re proud to say that our products are manufactured to a very high standard right here in CHINA.

Reason 6We can provide sample for quality testing and return sample cost when customer place the order

Reason 7ISO9001 management system certification passed and our products have export to more than 15 countries, including Canada, USA, Australia, Italy,  Hungary, Thailand , Vietnam, Yemen, Venezuela, Iran, Bangladesh, Georgia, HK etc.

Reason 8Delivery can be in as little as 10 days.

Reason 97×24 hour email and phone call service before and after sale.

Reason 10

Written in stone promise that 100% money back guarantee in 60 days

Alternative PALL filter HC8304FKT16H

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